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The Okninski Home

Hampshire Home Builders

is the most profound

complete, custom log home builder in West Virginia.

We provide handcrafted log homes with nothing 

less than the highest quality.

We offer a wide variety of log home construction

 including luxury handcrafting, hybrid homes

with log accents, and complete

log home packages.

At Hampshire Home Builders, Log Home packages

are customized to not only meet customer

 expectations, but exceed them.  

Everything is provided for you whether 

 it be a basic log home shell

or a luxury log home.

Your dream log home is not an unrealistic

fantasy when you choose Hampshire Home 

Builders to make the dream come true.


The Brown Home

The Okninski Home

The Hunter Home

The Augustein Home

The VanBuskirk Home

The Hall Home

The Seirfert Home

The MeeuWissen Home

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